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923. Irish Carved Bog Oakwood Walking Stick Cane Shamrock Killarney Dublin Ireland

923. Irish Carved Bog Oakwood Walking Stick Cane Shamrock Killarney Dublin Ireland

Extremely rare hand carved Irish Bog Oak Walking Stick, of outstanding quality, made in Ireland during the last half of the Nineteenth Century. 

The ornately carved horizontal tau shaped grip above a finely carved shaft depicting an abundance of three leaf Shamrocks and trailing ivy leaves which continue down almost half of the tapering shaft.  

Condition: Superb untouched condition with nice surface patination and very light evidence of use, original bi-metal ferrule which shows signs of wear, almost half of the shaft is carved.  

Length: 36.25" (92cm). Width: (of handle) 4.75” (12cm).


Location: Dublin City, Ireland. 

Affordable fixed charge Worldwide Store to door shipping offered. 

Irish Bog Oak wood is a rare timber which is excavated from deep underground, usually as a by-product of turf cutting, or when bogland is drained for agricultural use. The wood varies in age, usually ranging between 2,000 and 6,000 years old, The wood has been preserved due to the unique conditions of the Turf bogs in Ireland which waterlog the wood and keep it free from oxygen and sunlight which would cause it to decay. The chemistry of the Bog also reacts with the wood and transforms it's colour. Bog Oak is usually jet black, but occasionally a very dark brown. Throughout the Nineteenth Century and later many decorative items such as small furniture, Writing Slopes Book Slides and Ladies Jewellery, always with distinctive hand carved Irish subjects. This is a really superb Walking Cane offered in good condition.