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668. Rare Pair Irish Georgian Dublin Silver Sauce Gravy Boats Circa 1760 Matthew West

668. Rare Pair Irish Georgian Dublin Silver Sauce Gravy Boats Circa 1760 Matthew West

Superb Matched Pair of Heavy Gauge Irish Georgian Eighteenth Century Large Silver Gravy Boats of traditional oval form, of outstanding quality and exceptional condition for such early pieces.  

With fine beaded rim and leaf capped treble scroll handle, the main outer body with engraved foliate and floral decoration, each crested under spout and raised on three elegant shell and pad feet.  

Mark of MW (on one) for Dublin Silversmith Matthew West, other marks are indistinct.  

Dublin Hallmark for Circa 1760.  

Condition: Good allover condition with no imperfections, removals or alterations, except for an old repair to one handle, see final image.   

Height: 4.5” (11.5cm). Width: (at widest) 7 (17.5cm). Depth: 3.25"  (8cm).  

Weight: (an impressive) 13.8ozs.  (388 grams). 

Pair Eur.2350.00. 

Location: Dublin City, Ireland. 

Affordable fixed charge Worldwide Store to door shipping. 

The firm dates its origin to 1720, but the first documented of the family's association with silver trade is in 1748 when John West (born 1734) apprenticed to Bartholomew Mosse, Master Silversmith of Dublin. He was followed by his brother Matthew (1747 - 1806) who apprentices in 1762.  
After their apprenticeship both were active as silversmiths and Matthew became Master of the Company of Goldsmiths in 1783/4 and one of the most renowned silversmiths of Dublin.  
Matthew West was active in Dublin located at Skinner's Row. In the 19th century the family continued the silversmiths and retailers' business as Clarke & West (c. 1803, Capel Street), Matthew West, Matthew West & Sons (c.1825) and later as James West & Son (from 1841 in new premises at 18/19, College Green), becoming one of the foremost jewellers in Ireland.  
The British Royal Collection has two brooches made by West & Son. They were bought by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria on a visit to Dublin in 1849.  
West & Son participated to the 1851 Great Exhibition in London and to the Dublin Exhibition of 1853.  
Their replicas of antique Irish ornaments, characterized by sinuous, intricate patterning, played an important role in the revival of ancient Celtic designs and in the development of Arts and Crafts movement.  
After the death of James West (1877) the firm was managed by his son Langley Archer West (d. 1932) in partnership (1902-1912) with Charles Howard Lawson, George William Thornley and George Crowly.  
In 1912 the firm transferred to new premises at 102/103 Grafton Street, Dublin (from 1965 at 33 Grafton Street).  West & Son closed on 13th February 2010.