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299. Antique French Ormolu Gilt Bronze Breche Violete Marble Desk Inkwell Centerpiece

299. Antique French Ormolu Gilt Bronze Breche Violete Marble Desk Inkwell Centerpiece

An Exceptionally Fine Quality French Heavy Gauge Ormolu Bronze and Well Veined Breche Violette Marble Desk Inkwell Well of Square Outline, possible from the third quarter of the Nineteenth Century. 

The central hinged lid and waisted bronze inkwell with acanthus and scroll decoration on a square marble base which is one and a quarter inches in thickness and is raised on four block feet. 

Mark of Maison Susse French Foundry. 

Condition: Professionally re-gold plated, no losses to marble base.   

Width: (entire marble base) 6.5” (16cm). Height:  4.25” (11cm). Depth: 6.5” (16cm). 

Shipped to Athens, Texas, USA. 

Affordable fixed price Store to door shipping. 

The Maison Susse, a famous 19th-century foundry honoured with many international prizes, has a history that goes back almost two centuries. The Susse family were originally from Lorraine where they specialized in furniture making before moving to Paris and turning their attentions to other business activities like selling paper and artists' materials.  
The Susse foundry opened on 27 June 1827 with the signing of the first contract in which the artist Charles Cumberworth agreed the rights to cast an edition of the statuette Napolitaine. In 1839, the brothers acquired a foundry in the rue du Faubourg du Temple. They won major contracts to produce editions of Dalou's work in 1899 and Carpeaux's work in 1914.  
In 1975, Arlette Susse decided to sell the family business. Today, the Susse foundry in Arcueil is the last great 19th-century foundry still operating.