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100. Fine Set Three Silver Wine Coasters Samuel Hayne Dudley Cater London 1841

100. Fine Set Three Silver Wine Coasters Samuel Hayne Dudley Cater London 1841

An Absolutely Stunning Set of Three Georgian Style Sterling Silver Bottler or Wine Coaster of Exceptional Quality and unusually heavy gauge Silver.  

Each of traditional circular form with rope edge banded rim above lavish pierced and chased body decorated with a continuous band of fruiting vines, sunflowers, roses and feeding birds, original turned polished wood bases.  

Mark of SHDC for London Silversmiths Samuel Hayne Dudley Cater. 1836- 

Assayed in London 1841.   

Condition: Superb, no imperfections, each Coaster with vacant cartouches at fronts and backs. Green baise is a little tired with some staining. Nice clear markings, one Coaster is unmarked.  

Diameter: 5.5” (14cm). Height: 2.25" (5.5cm). 


Shipped to Ashby, Lincolnshire, England. 

Worldwide Store to door shipping.   

Samuel Hayne Dudley Cater: 

The business of manufacturing silversmith was commenced by Thomas Wallis sr. in 1758 c. He was succeeded in 1777 c. by Thomas Wallis jr. who in 1810 entered in partnership with Jonathan Hayne. 
The partnership was dissolved in 1816 and in 1821 Jonathan Hayne entered his first mark. 
In 1836 his son Samuel Holditch Hayne entered a new mark in partnership with Dudley Frank Cater (a former apprentice) under the style Hayne & Co., assuming full control of the firm after the death of Jonathan Hayne (1848). 
The style was modified to Hayne & Cater and the firm was listed as merchants, manufacturers and wholesale silversmiths and silver spoon and fork makers from 1853 to 1864. Hayne continued the business after Cater's retirement (1864) trading as Samuel Hayne & Co.  
The firm declared bankruptcy on 1865.