399. Pair English Porcelain Centerpieces Phillips Pearce Bond St London

Extremely Rare & Important Identical Pair of English Porcelain Table Centerpieces. Interpret Diamond Mark for 11th August 1869.  Retailed by W.P.& G. Phillips & Pearce. *155 New Bond Street, London.

Each with a central scantily clad Maiden seated on a naturelistic tree trunk surrounded by foliage, looking down in fear of a lizard below. The main trough with applied scallop shells on all sides, with a large central shell at front. 


Width: 18.25" (46cm). Depth: (at center) 5.5" (14cm). Height: 8.75" (22cm).


Item Sold.


Note: This design record is recorded in the English National Archives website, see more at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/designregisters/propitemdetail.asp?item_id=231812&proprietor=83&page=9


Interpret Diamond Marks: During the period1842-1883 the UK Patent Office issued a diamond mark as well as the reg. number which offered the buyer the reassurance of knowing the item was of British origin.

*155 New Bond Street is occupied to-day by luxury fashion & accessories Retailer Hermes Paris.