760 Original John Cother Webb 1855-1927 Engraving after J.M.W. Turner

An Original John Cother Webb Framed Mezzotint on paper, after J.M.W. Turner a landscape view beside a lake with figures first quarter of the Twentieth Century.

Title: The Decline of Carthage. 

Condition: Good condition, nice fresh unfaded colours, later gilt frame, glazed.

Sellers Association stamp left hand corner. 

Width: (entire including frame). 26.5" (67.5cm). Height: 22.25" (56.5cm).


Location: Dublin City, Irelane.

Worldwide Store to door shipping.

  JOHN COTHER WEBB: English engraver and mezzotint artist, born in Torquay in 1855 died in London 1927.

Called during his lifetime the "Doyen" of English mezzotinters, a student of Thomas Landsdeer, Webbs early works were on steel as engravings, but his preference was for copper and acid. All the plates were worked by himself from beginning to end. largely responsible for the promotion of the mezzotint as a desirable investment, this is a very impressive example in superb original condition.