580. Antique Vintage Lady's Gentleman's Snakewood Wooden Walking Stick Dress Cane

Very Stylish Fine Quality Polished Grained Rare Snake Wood Lady’s or Gentleman’s Walking Cane of substantial quality and good weight very suitable to use as an everyday stick, with an elegant decoratively carved classical Cow Horn Crook shaped handle above a narrow band of Ivory. Last quarter of the Nineteenth Century, of English origin   

Condition: Good condition with nice patination, complete with its original firm fitting one and a half inch long horn ferrule which is slightly worn. Nice straight stick in wonderful condition.  

Length: 36" (91.5cm) Width of handle: 4" (10cms). 


Location: Dublin City, Ireland. 

Affordable fixed price Worldwide Store to door Shipping offered by Seller. 

Snakewood origin: Coastal Northern South America.

Snakewood is the one of the most expensive and quite rare woods in the world. It only grows along the coastal area in Northern South America. The tree is very small and has a high waste factor when cutting. It is dark reddish brown with darker brown to black patches, distinguished by a unique snake skin grain pattern. It is typically priced according to the level of figure with very highly figured pieces costing more. Figure is often only visible on one or two sides of a piece. Snakewood is very heavy and dense and is very brittle. It does turn very well and finishes with a high sheen.  

*TIP: When deciding to purchase a Walking Stick on-line, always check the dimensions especially its length. Many antique sticks offered nowadays can vary a lot in length, remember some of these were custom made for clients in the past.