266. Antique Ladys Sterling Silver Claute Pique Malacca Tau Handle Walking Stick Cane

Fine quality and quite rare Ladys Sterling Silver inlaid dark Malacca Walking Stick of neat proportions, made during the last half of the Nineteenth Century.  

The Tau shaped handle with unusual silver claute pique inlaid decoration depicting scrolling and diamond detail above a tapering shaft with similar decoration towards the upper area, complete with its original bi-metal polished ferrule. 

Condition: Good condition with nice surface patination, no losses to silver inlays.  

* This is a very nice example of a straight “usable” firm stick suitable for a Lady, see handles detailed measurements. 

Length: 34.25” (87cm). Length of handle: 3.75” (9.5cm). 


Location: Dublin City, Ireland. 

Affordable fixed price Worldwide Store to door shipping offered by Seller. 

*Tip, when deciding to purchase a Walking Stick on-line, always check the dimensions especially its length. Many antique ones offered nowadays can vary a lot in length, remember some of these were custom made for clients in the past. 

 Malacca a brief account: During the 19th Century Malacca was referred to as the "King of Canes" it is one species of rattan found in the coast of Sumatra in Western Indonesia. Rattan palms have long slender stems and were perfect for fashioning walking sticks. The stem is not round but has a ridge often called a "teardrop" running along its length, it is very light-weight but strong, with no two specimens alike. Colour varies from brown to blond to a reddish amber.