223. Antique Vintage Moser Bohemian Emerald Green Enameled and Gilt Glass Centerpiece

Stunning example of a Moser Bohemian hand enameled floral and raised gilt Emerald Green Glass deep dish Centerpiece or Cabinet Plate of large proportions, early to mid-Twentieth Century.  

The entire area with lavish raised gilding and a border of raised enameled flowers inside a wide gold rim band.   

Condition: Superb untouched condition with nice rich colours, no losses or chips anywhere. This piece is typically unmarked, nice pontil mark at center underneath.  

Height: (overall as shown closed) 2.5” (6.5cm). Diameter: (an impressive) 15.25” (39cm).  

Affordable fixed charge Worldwide Store to door shipping. 

The Moser Glass Company was founded by Ludwig Moser in 1857 in Czechoslovakia and was focused on creating high-quality, engraved glass products. In 1873, Moser received a medal at the Vienna International Exhibition, which led to an increased interest in his products. In 1893, Moser expanded his company to create a full-service glassworks business that employed over 400 people. By 1904, Moser was hired to create glassware for the Austrian Imperial Court. His continued affiliation with various royal courts inspired the company to create the slogan King of Glass, Glass of Kings. Unfortunately, the company's incredible success could not withstand German invasions during World War II. In retaliation, the remaining workers purposefully created flawed glass to install in tank windows and filter glasses that would shatter upon impact. Interestingly, the company was one of only 15 granted independence by communist forces in the post-war period, and the glass manufacturer actually remains an incredibly lucrative maker of glassware to this day.