548. Superb Partridge Wood Walking Stick Jonathan Howell Silver Collar Mount Hallmark 1912

Stylish Well Grained Stepped Partridge Wood Ladies or Gentleman's Walking Stick with Crook Handle and ornate chased Sterling Silver collar and mount, made by English World famous Stickmakers Jonathan Howell.  

Partridge Wood is a strong tropical wood from the Western Hemisphere with a distinctive variegated characteristic in its colour. 

Mark of JH for Jonathan Howell of J. Howell & Co. Cane & Stick manufacturers Old Street, London.  

Birmingham Assay Mark for 1912 

Condition: Good condition with nice patination, original bi-metal ferrule is present, slightly worn. Nice straight firm stick. 

Length: 36” (91.5cm).  Width: (of handle) 4.5" (11.5cm). 


Location: Dublin City, Ireland. 

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*TIP: When deciding to purchase a Walking Stick on-line, always check the dimensions especially its length and even the width of the handle when possible. Many antique ones offered nowadays can vary a lot in length, remember some of these were custom made for clients in the past.