148. Antique Asian Chinese Horn Dragons Head Victorian Vintage Walking Stick Cane

Very Unusual Horn Sectional Hand Carved Chinese Walking Stick or Dress Cane of outstanding quality, last half of the Nineteenth Century.  

The entire shaft is constructed with assembled various length bovine sections with a polished brass ring between each which are held in place by a steel metal rod inside, the stunning hand grip is modelled as a carved open mouth Dragon’s head, complete with its original steel ferrule  

Condition: Good condition with nice patination, the original ferrule is a little worn. The dragon is missing his teeth at one side only, see image. The stick has a slight “spring” when held, this model is really for display and not suitable to use.  

Length: 36" (91cm). Width: (at handle) 2” (5cm). 


Location: Dublin City, Ireland. 

Affordable fixed price Worldwide Store to door shipping.  

*TIP: When deciding to purchase a Walking Stick on-line, always check the dimensions especially its length. Many antique ones offered nowadays can vary a lot in length, remember some of these were custom-made for clients in the past.