986. Antique Pair Spirit Decanters Bohemian Hand Cut Crystal Urn Regensburg Cathedral

Stunning example of a collection of Moser style Bohemian Amber heavy gauge cut crystal glass comprising of a quite rare, lidded urn with the central reserve superbly etched depicting a view of Regensburg Cathedral in Germany on its original decorative undertray and a pair of hand cut crystal Spirits Decanters complete with their original stoppers, last quarter of the Nineteenth Century, possibly earlier.   

Condition: Superb condition with nice rich amber colours, very light wear to bases, no losses and no imperfections. These pieces are typically unmarked, engraved DOM RESENBURG.    

Height: (urn as shown) 8” (20.25cm). Diameter: (of undertray) 7” (17.75cm). 

Shipped to Nicosia, Cyprus. 

Affordable fixed charge Worldwide Store to door shipping offered. 

Bohemia is well known for crystal, in large part because of certain minerals found only in Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. The casing is two crystals melted together, then cut. They set the stage for crystal making and cutting, and I think you may have that backwards, they taught the rest of Europe how to make and cut glass. Moser and Murano, Moser being Bohemian and Murano being Itallion, have always been very competitive. Murano boosted that they still make alot of glass beads etc by hand and that Moser uses a machine.  Another way to tell Bohemian glass is no pontil or turn marks on the bottom, Bohemians have always been maticulous about very smooth cuts and no imperfections. They also blew glass and also still do today. I read once that Itallions were just general glass makers until Bohemians started producing art glass. They had to compete, and the luck they had was the same as Czechs did , minerals in the country, which is why they produce very vivid colors.