880. Pair Antique Grand Tour French Empire Pate-sur-Pate Jasperware Ormolu Urns Vases

An Exceptionally Stylish Pair of Grand Tour French Pate-sur-Pate Jasperware and Champleve Ormolu mounted French Urns of Museum quality. Second quarter of the Nineteenth Century. 

This magnificent pair of Urns although not signed are firmly attributed to be the artistic work of Marc Louis Solon, he was the leading expert for the pate-sur-pate technique while working in England for Mintons. He also worked extensively in France. 

The ovoid form body below a lavish champleve waisted neck with flared rim, ending on an ornate ormolu mounted square stepped base. Back views with similar decoration, see image. 

Condition: Professionally re-gold plated. No losses to decoration anywhere, nice surface patination. Back and front views are similar.  

Height: (entire as shown) 13.5” (34.25cm). Width: (at base) 4.5” (11.5cm). Depth: (at base) 3.75” (9.5cm). 

Location: Dublin City, Ireland. 

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Pâte-sur-pâte is a French term meaning "paste on paste". It is a method of porcelain decoration in which a relief design is created on an unfired, unglazed body, usually with a coloured body, by applying successive layers of (usually) white porcelain slip (liquid clay) with a brush. Once the main shape is built up, it is carved away to give fine detail, before the piece is fired. The work is very painstaking and may take weeks of adding extra layers and allowing them to harden before the next is applied.