865. Antique Victorian English Sterling Silver Gilt Wine Ewer Claret Jug Pitcher 1872

Stunning Traditional Form English Sterling Silver Gilt Interior Victorian Wine Ewer Claret Jug of outstanding quality and generous proportions. Third quarter of the Nineteenth Century. Retailed by Wordley & Co. Liverpool, England  

Classical urn form with beaded rim, the dome hinged cover with acorn bud finial on a leafy calyx, the leaf capped bifurcated scroll handle with bone insulators, the neck embossed with foliate husk swags between ribbons, above a stiff Acanthus leaf border, the main body embossed with foliate husk swags incorperating maske, above a graduated stiff leaf border between beaded rims. Back and front views are similar.  

Height: (entire overall as shown in image one) 12.5” (31.75cm). Diameter: (at base) 3.75" (9.5cm). 

Weight: (an impressive) 28.8ozs.  (813 grams). 

Mark of RM & EH for Martin Hall & Co. 

Richard Martin & Ebenezer Hall, Shrewsbury Works, Sheffield. 

London Hallmark for 1872. Retailers mark at base rim. 

Condition: Superb condition for such an early example with no losses to body just a few tiny, tiny marks, not easy to find. 

Shipped to Surrey, England. 


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