641. Antique Grand Tour Georgian Papier Mache Horn Snuff Boxes Lady's Etui Case

Stunning collection of Georgian Antique Grand Tour items, to include a Lady’s banded Etu case with sterling silver mount and dome top hinged lid and two Snuff miniature boxes of traditional form and size, one in papier march, the other in horn. First quarter of the Nineteenth Century. 

Condition: Good condition for such early pieces. Etu closes firmly, one snuff box has an old repair, see last image with measuring tape. 

Height: (etui) 4.25” (10.5cm). Width: (at base) 2.5” (6.5cm). Depth: 2” (5cm). 

Shipped to Ibiza, Spain 

Worldwide Store to door shipping offered. 

Snuffboxs date from a time when snuff taking was a popular habit, from 18th to mid 19th century. Snuff boxes could be exquisitely made and valuable; the cheapest were made from potato pulp. The habit lingered on amongst the aristocracy and monarchy. Snuff is pulverised tobacco and is 'sniffed' through one’s nose.