616. Irish Coromandel Mother of Pearl Writing Slope Box by Austins Dublin, circa 1860

Stunning and Rare Example of an Irish well grained Ladys Coromandel Travelling Writing Slope of compact proportions, made in Dublin, Ireland by George Austin. Third quarter of the Nineteenth Century. 

The entire outer main area with lavish Mother of Pearl, Amboyna and brass strung inlays, opening to reveal a wonderful fitted interior and a dark blue velvet type woven fabric writing surface which is split where it folds. Inscribed on top HELEN 

Condition: Good condition, original good surface patination. Lock is present, key does not turn, a few tiny ;osses to inlay, difficult to see. Brass screw capped glass inkwells are of a later date. 

Height: (at back) 3.75" (9.5cm). Width: 15" (38cm). Depth: (closed) 10" (25cm). 

Shipped to Ibiza, Spain. 

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George Austin manufactured portable items, Decanter and Games Boxes, Tea Caddies, Ladies Dressing Boxes, Writing Slopes and various essential traveling items. 

Recorded as having workshops in Dublin throughout the last half of the Nineteenth Century. 

We are pleased to offer this really rare piece for sale on-line in superb condition.

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