454. Antique Bamboo Wooden Walking Stick Cane Sterling Silver Mount Crook Handle 1908

Fine Quality Edwardian Polished Bamboo Wood Traditional Crook Handled Lady’s Walking Cane with Highly Decorative embossed Sterling Silver mount, first quarter of the Twentieth Century.  

Hallmarked for 1908. Birmingham assay mark. Makers mark is indistinct   

Condition: Good condition with nice patination, the original bi-metal brass and steel ferrule is very slightly worn but firm.  

This is a nice elegant example and very usable, quite lightweight more suitable for a Lady to use.  

Length: 34" (86cm). Width: (of handle) 4.75” (12cm). 


Shipped to Dallas, Texas, USA. 

Affordable fixed price Worldwide Store to door shipping. 

*TIP: When deciding to purchase a Walking Stick on-line, always check the dimensions especially its length and even the width of the handle when possible. Many antique ones offered nowadays can vary a lot in length, remember some of these were custom made for clients in the past.