336. Antique Irish Belleek Porcelain Three Strand Basket Centerpiece 1865-1889 Ireland

Stunning Example of an extremely rare Irish Belleek Porcelain Flower Encrusted Three Strand Basket of circular outline. Nineteenth Century. 

This exceptional Belleek porcelain basket is an outstanding example of the delicate artistry for which this renowned Irish factory is famous. Carefully formed with a four-strand woven base, this basket features twin delicate double “twig handles and radiating latticework and is adorned with a bouquets of intricate flowers. with slight iridescence to the glaze all over. 

Known for being extremely dainty and lightweight, Belleek porcelain is among the finest in the world. Belleek baskets are among the company's most recognizable and most complex achievements, and to find one of these lace-like items in such excellent condition is rare.  

A very similar example is featured in Belleek: Irish Porcelain written by Marion Langham. 

Condition: Superb allover untouched mint condition, so rare to find for such an early piece. 

Base Marks BELLEEK Co. FERMANAGH which dates 1865-1889. 

Height: (overall as shown image one) 11.25” (28.5cm). Width: (at widest) 11.5” (29cm). Height: 4.25” (11cm). 

Location: Dublin City, Ireland. 

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