318. Superb French Ormolu Porcelain Casket early 20thCt by Paul Milet

An Exceptionally Stylish French Ormolu Mounted Porcelain Ladies Table Casket of shaped rectangular outline and slightly cushioned hinged lid complete with firm fitting clasp, made by Paul Jean Milet, early Twentieth Century.

Condition: Superb untouched condition, interior in nice clean order. The clasp closes firmly.

Width: 5.5” (12.75cm). Depth: 3.75” (9.5cm). Height: 2” (5cm).

Paul Jean Milet, son of Felix Optatus Milet.

Optat Milet began his career as a modeler for Sèvres in 1862 in Paris France and opened his own ceramics factory in 1866. His son Paul Jean Milet took over operations shortly before the turn of the century and ran the company until 1931. This early 20th century rectangular porcelain dresser box has been finished in a saturated mottled blue/green glaze. The piece has a domed lid and is fitted with brass mounts featuring a foliate closure at the front. The inside and underside of the box are finished in a cream colour.