293. Antique English Stuart Crystal Hand Cut Glass Bowl Victorian Centerpiece Bowl

Stunning and Extremely Rare English Heavy Gauge Hand Cut Full Lead Crystal Fruit Bowl or Centerpiece of traditional outline, of outstanding quality and condition. Circa 1840 - 1860. 

The unusual fan-cut decorative rim above a deep cut diamond pattern all-round body with a single ring stem socle, ending on a circular base with same repeated cut detailling. Made in England and firmly attributed to Stuart Crystal. This piece is unmarked, early pieces were not usually. *This piece is over quarter of an inch in thickness allover. 

Condition: Good condition for such an early piece of rare English glass. No inside clouding, wonderful evidence of age wear at base underneath. 

Diameter: (at widest) 8” (20.25cm). Height:  6” (15.25cm). 

Shipped to Surrey, England. 


Worldwide Store to door shipping offered. 

Provenance: Purchased at Harrods Antiques floor London in 1965, since the property of a Northern Irish Gentleman  

Stuart Crystal: First manufactured in England in the late 1880s by Frederick Stuart and, later by his sons, the company was successful right up until 1995, when it was purchased by Waterford Wedgewood. It was only six years later that Stuart Crystal ceased production and closed its doors forever.  

The magnificent, detailed crystal produced by Stuart would have many great stories to tell. It was aboard the Titanic when she sunk, and it sailed with the Queen Mary in the 1930s. Stuart Crystal made special stemware, brandy and wine decanters for use on the Titanic, which included the White Star Line logo on some of the items, later replicated and reproduced again in the '90s. Today, Waterford Irish Crystal & Wedgewood still uses the name Stuart on some of its crystal