252. Stunning Square Partridge Wood Walking Stick Blue John Grip Gold Plated Mounts

A Substantial Lady’s or Gentleman’s Square Partridge-Wood Shaft Walking Stick of English origin, late Nineteenth, early Twentieth Century.

With a stylish well veined Blue John circular tapering three inch grip ending on an ornate gold plated mount. The gold plated collar with initials EGE. The unusual square tapering main shaft ending with its original bi-metal (brass and steel) ferrule.

Condition: Good original firm condition. 

Length: 36.75" (93.5cm).



Blue John Stone is a rare, semiprecious mineral found at only one location in the world - a hillside near Mam Tor, just outside Castleton in the Derbyshire Peak District National Park, England. The name Blue John derives from the French Bleu Jaune meaning Blue Yellow. Blue JohnIt is a form of fluorite and was discovered as miners were exploring the cave systems of Castleton for lead.

Nowadays, the caves of Castleton are magnificent show caves and are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Derbyshire. Of the four show caves only Treak Cliff and, to a lesser extent, Blue John have veins of Blue John Stone. Treak Cliff Cavern still mines about 500 kilograms of Blue John Stone each year. The veins of Blue John Stone are easy to see and many of the formations are well lit. Blue John Stone is a semiprecious stone and gives Castleton its nickname of 'Gem of the Peaks'.