187. Superb Irish Dublin Georgian Silver Cream Jug by James Le Bas 1827

Superb Irish Georgian Dublin Silver Heavy Gauge Cream Jug of Outstanding Quality by well known Silversmith James Le Bas.  

The main body superbly embossed with flowers, leaves and scrolls and also two vacant cartouche, raised on four delicate paw feet.  

Mark of  ILB for James le Bas. Dublin assay mark for 1827 

Condition: Good condition with no imperfections. No engraved initials, monograms or inscriptions. Professionally polished 

Width: (entire) 6.25” (16cm). Height: 4" (10cm). Depth: 4.25" (10.25cm).  

Weight: (an impressive) 8.7ozs. (244 grams). 

James le Bas was a silversmith working in Dublin in the early 19th century. He was a member of a famous family of silversmiths, his father, William, being a silversmith in London, as were his sons, William and Benjamin. 


He originally trained in London, working for his father, and moved to Dublin circa 1800. His first workshop was on Great Strand Street in Dublin, until 1809, whereupon he moved to Ship Street, at the side of Dublin Castle. He died in 1845. 

His maker’s mark was ILB, with dots between, in a rectangular surround.