540. Antique Vintage Japanese Chinese Shibayama Ebony Wooden Walking Cane Stick

Fine Quality Highly Decorative Ivory Mounted Japanese Shibayama Polished Ebony Ladies or Gentleman's Walking Cane, late Nineteenth, early Twentieth Century.  

The Shibayama inlaid stylish grained Ivory grip decorated with inlaid beetles and other insects above a plain and part barley twist carved shaft with unusual ivory picquet inlay ending with a later rubber ferrule.  

Condition: Good condition with nice patination, few old repairs to picquet inlays and an old repaired short split to shaft, see last image.  

Length: 35.25" (89.5cm). 

Shipped to Seattle, Washington, USA. 


Shibayama is an art form that originated in Japan introduced in the 18th Century by Shibayama Dosho. It is the art of semi-precious inlay on lacquer and other materials. The items decorated in the Shibayama style range from vases, boxes and table-screens to walking sticks and swords. The art form was also performed by Chinese craftsmen.