121. Set Four Silver Mustard Pots Hunt and Roskell Late Storr and Mortimer

An Impressive Set of Four Heavy Gauge Silver Mustard Pots & Associated Spoons, of large size.

The traditional round shape with single "C" scroll handles and hinged covers.


Total weight: 1lb.5.60ozs. (611 grams).


Mark of Hunt & Roskell late of Storr & Mortimer (see note below).

London Assay mark for 1885.


Height: (just over) 2.25" (6cm). Base diameter: 2.75" (7cm).

Length of Spoons: (just under) 4" (10cm).



Condition: Generally very good, no losses or dents. 



Hunt & Roskell 1843-1897 (John Mortimer Hunt & Rubert Roskell) were the most prestigious silversmiths of Victorian England, having descended from Paul Storr, the most famous of English silversmiths. They were silversmiths and jewellers to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, and had an important display at the Great Exhibition of 1851. In 1865 it was recorded that they were the largest holders of precious stones in Europe (see John Culme, Directory of Gold & Silversmiths, pg 245).

Final image shows their prestigious London shop located in New Bond Street.