332. Irish Killarneyware Arbutus Ladies or Gents Travelling Writing Slope

 An  Exceptionally Fine Quality Irish Killarney Ware Arbutus Ladies or Gents Travelling Writing Slope of impressive proportions, last half of Nineteenth Century. The twin opening flaps with lavish inlaid decoration depicting a view of Muckross Abbey surrounded by a frame of trailing shamrock.


Condition: Good condition with no losses or repairs, the original blue velvet is a little faded with time, some evidence of ink stains around ink bottle areas. 


 Width: 13" (33cm). Height: (at back) 3.75" (9.5cm). Depth: 9.75" (25cm).



Killarney Ware: Small items of Furniture & Writing Slopes were made in Killarney Ireland using this local wood known as Arbutus (from the Strawberry Tree) peculiar to this part of Kerry during the 19th Century and later.

This is a stunning example of a Collectors piece in superb condition.